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Pratesi Brand History

Pratesi has always dressed the beds of the world's rich & famous. From legendary authors, poets, painters, composers, royal families, heads of state, mega stars, and international celebrities the list continues to grow. 

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e Carlo Poe
Ms Elizabeth Taylor
Athos Pratesi
Athos Pratesi
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Athos Pratesi

A century old Tuscan tradition saw mothers and daughters gather in groups to embroider by hand the most exquisite linens. At the turn of the century, the young wine merchant Remigio Pratesi, had the interesting idea to have beautiful table linens hand embroidered by hiring these ladies on an exclusively basis. In this way, Remigio could achieve the highest quality and unique style. It was a brainstorm, which would transform the fortunes of the family in one of today’s legends of luxury.

Remigio’s son, Brunetto, started “selling” their masterpieces to English merchants in the port of Livorno and, soon after, became the major supplier to the chic holiday Tuscan resort of Forte Dei Marmi, where the family opened their first Pratesi store in 1946. The fabulous store in Via Montenapoleone in Milan was inaugurated in 1958: the Pratesi brand expansion began.

Athos Pratesi, the third generation of the family, had not only a brilliant entrepreneurial mind but also a strong desire to make the Pratesi name known worldwide. He was conscious of a very delicate balance: preserving his father’s touch while introducing their collections to untapped markets.

Around 1966, Aldo Gucci introduced Athos to New York. A small wholesale operation began and the most elegant American linen stores started to carry the line.
Athos and his wife Dede chose in 1972 Madison Avenue as the location for their very first store in the US; the street became in a short time one of the most elegant in the world and Pratesi one of the most desired destinations.

Other boutiques followed and the Pratesi family became friends with tycoons, artists and Hollywood celebrities as the brand became a status symbol among the world jet set.

If it is true that behind every great man there is always a great woman, this is certainly the case of Dede Pratesi, at the helm of the creation department: creativity and passion for their product have inspired the Pratesi family to create the most innovative and timeless signature patterns in home decoration.

Today the company is run by the fourth generation along with a strong managerial team, both working passionately to achieve a common goal: the next level. Very recently, the fifth generation has joined the Yacht & Special Projects division of the company.

Pratesi will be soon launching the new online store as part of a strategic expansion phase, which has recently featured the latest opening of the flagship store at Via Manzoni, and the brand new showroom at Palazzo Serbelloni both located in Milan.

…..stay tuned, the best is yet to come.